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Toby Tobias Brings 'JOURNEY FROM JOHANNESBURG' to His Home TOWN of Huntington, NY

Contact: Toby Tobias


HUNTINGTON STATION, NY, APRIL 24, 2018 - South African-born songwriter and musician Toby Tobias will be performing his autobiographical musical production JOURNEY FROM JOHANNESBURG in his hometown of Huntington, NY on June 28, 2018, at the Huntington Public Library. Toby will be joined by fellow Huntington residents; Mike Nugent on lead guitar, Ritchie Guerrero on percussion, and Cosmo Malardi on bass.

In JOURNEY FROM JOHANNESBURG, Toby shares the vivid tale of his life in South Africa under the rule of an apartheid government, then in an Israel on the brink of battle for it's own identity, before finding a home, and many stark parallels, in the United States of America.

"Bringing JOURNEY FROM JOHANNESBURG to my hometown means so much to me. The people of this town have been so encouraging of my music career." Toby said.

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